bauku extrusion technology
the original since 1956


Development of the new twin-head-technology for the profile extrusion. The solid wall square profile with optional co-extrusion of a colored inside layer combined with a round hollow profile. This technology allows a fast switch from solid wall to profile extrusion with a total extrusion capacity of up to 1.450 kg/h – new record.


Sale of the plastic pipe production to the Hawle-Group. Mr. Marcus Hawerkamp now looks for new horizons with the foundation of a machinery company for spiral winding technology. To demonstrate the long history of the Hawerkamp Family in plastic pipe technolgy, the short name "bauku" is a part of the new company logo.

bauku extrusion technology


All extrusion lines with the brand Name PROFILLINE P-Series are optimized for the use of modern PP. Once more the Hawerkamp machinery technology is leading world wide, offering the PP concept as a standard up to the profile pipe DN 4000.


The extrusion lines are designed to work with PE100 as well as with modern PP. A special mixing and dosing system allows to create a company color for the produced pipe systems. The light grey becomes the unique color of bauku profile pipes. Dipl-Ing. Marcus Hawerkamp is part of the family company, representing the third generation of engineers for plastic machinery.


Our products enter the landfill market, 100 m waste on top of the pipes, settlement of up to 30 %, temperatures of up to 40 °C – until today the most difficult environment one could think of. The Finite Element Method is used to design our pipe systems and the standard static calculation software according to ATV-A 127 is invented.


The German Industry Standard DIN 16961 is published. Mr. Manfred Hawerkamp has been a member of the standard comittee.


The famous patent of spiral winding of a profile on a steel mandrel is officially published. 


The Troisdorfer Bau- und Kunststoff GmbH (bauku) is founded, Mr. Manfred Hawerkamp and Mr. Werner Hawerkamp (father and grandfather of Mr. Marcus Hawerkamp) invented the winding process for large diameter pipes.