bauku extrusion technology
the original since 1956

1  Marketing

We support new machinery customers in the marketing of the manufactured plastic pipe systems with different tools.

- Product pictures from various applications from the bauku data base

 Product and process graphics from the bauku data base

 Technical information about the pipe systems as pdf documents

 Guest speakers from bauku for symposiums

 Visit tours of a bauku engineer to meet potential customers

- Visit of trade fairs in foreign countries

2  Manhole & fitting technology

We give ideas for possible product applications and we show examples for special manholes and fittings manufactured from the spiral pipes produced on our extrusion lines.

- Storm water retention tanks

- Emergency overflow structures

- Tangential manholes

- Round standard manholes

- 90° end manholes and others…… 

3  Joint technology

Our extrusion lines manufacture spiral wound pipes, which are already equipped with an integrated pipe joint. The socket and spigot end system is easy to handle on the job site and it can be combined with different options.

3.1 extrusion weld joint

We recommend this standard jointing method for all our pipe systems. The welding is done either from the outside for very small diameters (DN 800 and smaller) or from the inside for larger diameters.

 3.2 rubber ring joint

This push fit joint is equipped with a rubber ring on the spigot end. Especially for smaller pipes (DN 300 to DN 1200) it is an easy and fast method to create a tight pipeline system.

3.3 electro fusion joint

This joint requires a high quality in workmanship on the jobsite and a high quality in the installation process of the contractor. It is available from DN 300 to DN 2000.

3.4 Butt welding joint

Our pipes can also be manufactured with two spigot ends, using the butt fusion technology on the jobsite. 

4   pipe installation

Plastic pipe systems have to be installed in the ground based on the general standards and guidelines.

              DIN EN 1610                                     ATV DVWK A 139

It is important to know that our high quality pipe systems do not require any special preparation of the embedding from the contractor. The installation standards and guidelines are the same as with concrete, ductile iron, steel, GRP or other pipe materials.

Of course we give some additional hints in regard to the special advantages of our plastic pipe systems, in order to make the work of the contractor easier. In case the pipes are delivered with the extrusion weld joint, the electro fusion weld joint or the butt fusion joint, a qualified plastic welder has to be on the job site anyway. This plastic specialist can support the contractor to optimize the ground work around the pipe.

5   Training

We support our machinery customers with special training and know-how packages. Starting with the professional handling of PE and PP and ending with courses for complicated manhole fabrication and installation at the job site, we share all our expertise with our partners.

The training packages are designed in different modules and each customer can decide, which lessons are most important for his own production, sales and installation of the products.

Most of the lessons are carried out in Germany near our factory. The ruling language is English, but we can also organize translators for other languages if mutually agreed with our partners. At the end of each lesson the participants get a certificate, which proves the success of the work and the quality standard “Made in Germany”. On special request we also organize lessons and certificates with independent institutes, such as the plastic welder certificate with the German TÜV.